Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recent reductions in Zara bargains

Zara bag

A 30th of August, two months after the summer sales began, is crazy to think what may be in discount stores but the truth is that by looking for online stores for some brands like Zara low-cost Mango or we find a bargain.

It is a good time to take advantage of if you are lucky enough to be your size (since there are very few). Prices are very low and there are many bargains. Looking for something to buy?

Last summer sales at Zara 2011

Zara shirt sales

Within shirts or blouses see several models Zara :

  • We aim to fashion oversize prints for 9.99 euros .
  • The basics are wide and long, orange or blue and better, for 3.99 euros .
  • The range of shapes also has volume, blank 3.99 euros .

Zara summer shirts

For a slightly higher price but lower than the average of Zara, these models have 9.95 euros :

  • The black and white stripes are not going to go the opposite.
  • The green model we better for the fall.
  • And the flowers are still a black background for temporary change of station.

Zara jersey

In sweaters and cardigans are:

  • Summer memories alive for striped 7.99 euros .
  • Good overshirt linen for cool these days for 19.99 euros . I love them.
  • And a gray cotton jersey for those rockers with red pants looks for 9.99 euros .

Colored cardigan Zara

They notice the color remains but you have to start thinking about fall:

Zara skirt

In skirts and dresses are ideas for autumn mushroom season and halftime.

  • The print in shades of mustard 5.99 euros .
  • A miniskirt with flight and in blue or orange slices for 9.99 euros .
  • A skirt for work with open, dark blue, by 9.9euros.

Zara dress

In Jared | Trafaluc Zara Fall 2011 collection in August: mixtures breakthrough , Young style
In Jared | Zara Fall-Winter 2011/2012: dresses for a night out

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