Friday, August 26, 2011

Street Fashion: Who left the door open zoo?

Animal Fashion

Among the trends we start pointing this fashion forward fall in one of my favorites is the fashion to prevent the animals in clothes, how could it be otherwise, this new wave has not escaped maximalist fashion in street, always to the latest ideas and more strident.

Caroline H. is the protagonist of one of the best pictures I've seen in recent months Streetstyle. Leave on the floor to any hint of streetstyle flying . Best of all these looks is that almost all have low-cost clothing, so it is not surprising jump to the street in general, but hopefully not.

Snakes in the legs

Zara snake

The snakes came some time ago. We warned of this with several brands and looks advances with each passing day and are more in the street. The reason is clear: Zara has it in their catalog and that means it will be worldwide and the most daring bet on it.

Zara pants snake

However, pants repeated streetstylers snake up the majority of Zara, as we see Francesca A, although Bershka has its place, as evidenced by the previous look of Cindy.

Nathalia snake

Nathalia Milhomem also points to the same high-waisted pants that combines high heels and gray shirt with epaulets.

Zara trouser snake

Here is responsible. For 25.95 euros.

Zara Marine Shea

Marine Shea pants and prefer to avoid opting for the blazer, Zara also, now there is a similarity with black lapels for 39.95 euros.

Tigers are the true kings of the pack

Violetta Tigre

A little me taught me that the lions were the kings of the pack but seeing who sent this season I ask whether I teased. I keep seeing the heads of tigers everywhere. They come in all shapes and colors. All horrible, though.

Magdalena tigre

Which when combined with jeans shorts and fringe ...

Wioletta tigre

If they do with jeans passed by acid washing worthy of being eliminated from the face of the earth. Romwe brand wins the battle here.

Tigre perventina

And even in addition to sets looking a touch naive and romantic lace and gold accents.

Is the Jungle Book or the Ark of Noah?

T Bear

The domain of the tiger does not come alone, the remaining animals also want their cake. Even the bears become violent not leave much.

Tigre shirt

Although to loop the loop may be witnessing the revival of a new deliveryTiburon film, something that is not even thinking plan.

Photos | Fashion I , Marie Shea , Nathalia Milhomem , Francesca A , Hennie D , Violetta E. , Perventina Ols , Wioletta Mary Kate , Caroline H , Cindy , Magdalena W
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