Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trends H & M Fall-Winter 2011/2012 by bloggers and fashion professionals

H & M is unstoppable. Only in this August has launched a good number of collections we've seen . The strange thing is not to find something new each week by the Swedish house. If new collections , if lookbooks if gowns ... Both launch saturated, so H & M gives us some of advice.

For the occasion, recounted a popular blogger on the Internet, as Geri Hirsch, blog Becauseiamaddicted , tactics that have already done in the past up their own collections, like that of Elin Kling . It shows to where the shots are going in this world and the power to influence and impact are few. The proximity and are actually supposed to draw audiences and both brands.

From Los Angeles, see the advice of one who shares leadership Geri Hirsch in the showroom of H & M Monica Rose, famous stylist. A tandem curious to sign up some tips from two different profiles. Each chooses a style and then choose their partner.

Styles seed, high-waisted pants, shorts, wool sweaters, shooting looks pastel colors, booties ... options that are repeated.

New trends in H & M fashion professionals settled

Understanding by professionals of the fashion creative director's own H & M , Ann-Sofie Johansson and Natalie Hartley, editor of InStyle magazine, both with a good background behind him.

For them the trends continue by the same guidelines: we return to color, overlapping layers, playing with a fun look at the sixties and seventies, a touch more sophisticated or casual, red is still alive, cheerful prints ...

Come on, almost anything goes. By the way remember the video lookbook H & M Fall-Winter 2011/2012.


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