Friday, August 26, 2011

TRF Zara clothing

Ropa de Zara TRF

Want to know what clothing trends and take the fall winter 2011 2012 in Zara TRF ? Well here's the looks and the clothes will be fashionable. Trafaluc, younger line of Zara has the new trends in fall 2011 !

TRF commitment to look masculine, metallic gold and clothing, the tuxedo look, the lookcollege, transparencies, lace, fabric blends, white, boots, bags, envelopes, etc..

So there are skinny jeans in Trafaluc in gold, leather jackets, shirts transparent masculine blazers, dresses Moles, military parkas, lace dresses, moccasins, skirts, sequins, etc..

How about the new collection of Zara TRF?

TRF Zara clothing fall winter 2011 2012

Ropa de Zara TRF

Get a tuxedo blazer and gold type is one of IT's clothing fall winter 2011 2012!

Ropa de Zara TRF The mixtures are bold trend so do not hesitate to mix so fashionable sequins are patterned with tartan!

Ropa de Zara TRF

Moles is another estamapdos fashion! And as you will see rain jackets become hard!

Ropa de Zara TRF

The blazers and men's looks are one of the major developments, as well as handbags and boots on! You can see here more boots from Zara TRF !

Ropa de Zara TRF

The slides come to the street like this blouse moles, combined with golden skirt and moccasins, another fashionable shoes!

Ropa de Zara TRF

Lace and lingerie style is trendy! Caution, this cobalt blue because it is trendy!

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