Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A tribute to Steve Jobs for the Apple-Fashionistas history


How many times have I heard in class that most people who work in fashion using a Mac instead of a standard PC, they may for their functionality or simply for aesthetics and elegance that are the signature products of Apple. Be that as it is, it's clear that Apple has created a need for each of its products among fashionistas around the world, and he was behind Apple, Steve Jobs, who said goodbye this week.

As lovers of Apple, Applesfera , iPhones, iPads and other gadgets with the famous apple, we pay a tribute to Steve Jobs with what this brand has meant to the world of fashion. We invite you to join us on our walk!

Then came Carrie your Mac ...

Carrie Bradshaw, the maiden gold in Manhattan, who wrote articles from home and bought pairs and pairs of shoes made ​​known to us his own little world where your laptop from Apple's signature more than once we have seen in Sex in New York. Do you remember?

carrie bradshaw

The seasons of Sex in New York passed, Carrie changed the color and cut of his hair, had different dates and boyfriends, but your Mac still with her ...

Sex and the City

Images that have passed into history in the world of fashion.

carrie bradshaw

And is that even when it comes to see the famous Carrie's apartment, the Apple computer in the house need not above his bed.


Even Little Jenny spent time on Gossip Girl with her ​​MacBook Pro

little jenny

Iphones, Cases, Ipods ... other elements of style

There is nothing more than keep an eye on the blog Jak & Jil , photographer Tommy Ton, to see how many make their gadgets, an accessory. In the weeks leading fashion is unusual to see models and fashion pros with their iPads in tow.


Do not forget, if you have an Iphone, do not neglect their packaging.

tommy ton iphone

So the most important brands have been launched to make Iphone covers ... (above, left to right: Kate Spade, Michael Kors, bottom, left to right: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood)

iphone cases

And the iPhone, the phone was a before and after and that has created the mobile phone as we know it. (From left to right: Kate Spade, Mulberry, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tibi).

iphone covers

But make no mistake, Iphone, there is only one!

Any fan of Apple among our readers?

Photos | Imdb , Jak & Jill , Net-a-Porter
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