Thursday, August 25, 2011

What are the trousers in Primark Fall fashion 2011?

Primark trousers

After teach one of the low-cost collections Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 promising, Primark focuses on the slacks for the following months, with items already in stores or will arrive in September.

Inspirations sixties and sixties are two keys that are repeated on these new models do not even priced at 20 euro in most of the time. This is normal wardrobe is renewed each season.

The jeans fashion bell

Primark jeans hood

The recovery of 70 brings the recovery of flares, a model that generates divided. Many do not even want to see in the shops again after a few seasons in recent years were the key trend, but others, want the opposite.

Within jeans from the straws have always 13 euros to the central model with bell for 21 euros. The basic version of the right, less bell is about 11 euros. First seen in the post costing from left to right: 21 euros, 11 euros and 11 euros.

The jeggings at the extent of forms

Jegging Primark jeans

It is curious that follow fashion jeggings a season when the garments wide seek to occupy most of the shops. Although we are in an era where everything is at once so you have to be lowered surprise. There are choices for everyone. The tightest skinny jeans are available for 11 euros. Perfect to wear shoes and silhouette, dangerous just the same.

More color, to continue the summer

Primark colored pants

I am pleased to see how the color remains at the clothes fall. The alternative for many brands is dark but the color block is reluctant to leave. In advance of Primark in his showroom were many garments of this style looks.

Cowboys fluoride these months are still clinging to skinny model with beautiful color with blue, green and honeysuckle as possible choices. All of them for 11 euros.

Primark autumn colored pants

Then there are other models both Autumn without fluoride choose shades off by repeating the same range of colors, which incorporates other like brown or a hybrid between burgundy and eggplant. All for 13 euros, except the last, for 17 euros.

The shorts to work

Primark shorts work

The shorts are perfect for any time, including work, although you should always choose a model suitable to the circumstances and the type of clothing is allowed in the company. Two models to add to the list are laced Primark brown and gray high-waisted and longer. The first of these is worth 13 euros and 14 euros seconds.

Remember that you can choose to combine a good blazer .

Primark work pants

Another pants work best for this model in gray is repeating the trend of straight leg pants, wide leg and gray to match more clothes in addition to not attracting much attention alsrmsfrae.Pr 10 euros.

The point in pink leggings better left to the street and days. For 6 euros.

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