Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's your favorite trend this autumn 2011? The question of the week

Jared answers

With so many proposals from the idea makes a few trends is impossible. There is a market for all styles and tastes, which is reflected in the different fashions in force.

The question of the week going in that direction:

What's your favorite trend this autumn 2011?

Remember that the comments made ​​in the question responses Jared and not on this post.

Questions from last week

Without having a specific question last week recovered two:

What is your favorite look for a summer wedding?

To which Yeiza singles:

A dress in shades of dusty and smooth (let's purple, black, maroon and green for the fall please!) In silk or chiffon, cut drape or neck to back, or with a touch of scale gem, those touches made the dress flashy but not vulgar. Cluch shoes and jewelry to match and whether it is day one wearing a little color but not too big! we are not at Ascot!

We were also a question that opens Patch :

What color do you feel better?

Here is a great disparity of tastes and styles as furs, Manuela Diaz Delgado tells his followers:

I feel great whites and full range of beige. Yellow also great. Red and black almost completely eliminated, I do not favor anything. I'm blonde with blue eyes but I have good skin color.

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