Tuesday, August 30, 2011

When a trend starts to go out of style?

handle college portfolio

Look, I love my bags or satchels type college portfolio, I feel very comfortable to carry all day with them and take them to work, college, ... But I've seen versions of PS1 and Proenza Schouler Mulberry Alexas up in the soup, and I'm starting to get tired.

Mango offers for this autumn-winter 2011/2012 with a version in brown and black. Super combined with everything.

For me, a trend starts to go out of style when everyone takes it to the store and when the Chinese neighborhood has its own version of the garment in question. And then, I think it has come with this type of bags.

asos satchel

Asos also has a thousand and one versions of the bag at affordable prices.

While it may happen with this bag that has happened with other items such as dancers or cigarettes. So successful that instead of considering trends in fashion, and therefore here to stay, become directly a basic wardrobe each season and recover the garment with the same enthusiasm, though with different new models each year. Will it happen this with satchel type bags? Or are you already saturated?

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