Thursday, August 25, 2011

With shorts and a blouse ... Voilà!


The heat is pressing and we must find the formula to get comfortable at the same time divine. ¿Impossible task? No. Hard to? A lot. But why are blogs fashion and street style: To provide fresh ideas to help us in our day to day without despair. And what I bring today is an ordinary couple, but sometimes (and I include myself in the group) do not give much prominence: the shorts combined with blouses.

In version XXL, steamy, classic ... The approved all! And seeing how they look at the star of the blog 'Seams for a Desire'. With a few simple jeans shorts and white blouse in black ... A flawless result! Obviously grace she puts personal stake in your favor, but I'm sure each of you has that I do not know what makes you different. But is not the only look to these premises as a reference.

And not content with giving us a single look, this girl shows us how to take a pledge as dangerous as these shorts are full of flowers with a top neutral, nothing special. And be amazed the result is 10. What do you think?


And these are the same assumptions used for the following look: shorts coral ( color totally fashionable among bloggers !), myocardial heels in gold and purple, clutch in coral and white shirt ... nothing more. Is it Final? Sumacunlaude. Come on, I loved and I hope you do too ...


CH Zina Spanish blogger is having a summer of luxury in New York City (who could be there now!). And walk and walk among the Big Apple as this leaves us pictures look so cool: black and white and Made in Zara, the blogger adds a dash of style and class to your outfit with this Chanel bag. What do you think?


And finally a completely different style to the previous, but no less despicable (to taste the colors, you know that's my motto.) Very dark and completely torn shorts, this girl shows us how to go alongside destroyer that chic.


What look you stay?

Photos |, Chicisimo, Seams for a Desire , Fashionvibe
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