Friday, September 30, 2011

Balmain Spring-Summer 2012: Bonanza address. Wanted outlaw, gold reward


We Bonanza Road. A dangerous outlaw is on the loose: it's sexy, it's the terror of the jeans and the fear of banks. Always decked out in gold, leather, denim and fringe. His name is Calamity Balmain and is well known throughout the country.

This could well be the text of the press kit accompanying the parade. To this we add that Oliver Rousteing triggered a success that the absence of imperceptible and Emanuelle Alt Decarnin At 25 añitos what more could you want? In his own words, what you are about to see is a mix between Las Vegas and Mexico.

Beauty Tips of the week: pretty and trendy!


We arrived at Friday, time to show you the most interesting beauty tips we have collected over the past seven days.

This week is cargadita of tests and reviews where you analyze the most interesting market cosmetics , I also have the tips and tricks you need to know to be quite an expert when it comes to makeup and of course we will show the latest new arrivals with the onset of autumn. Are you ready?

2011/2012 Autumn-Winter Trends: person or animal?

Ungaro Fall 2011

This season figures are printed on the clothes, you just have to choose if you prefer to decorate your clothes with an animal or person. Tops, dresses and shirts are illustrated by these pictures to capture our attention.

Among the animals have the wildest beasts: lions, tigers, birds of prey ... While the representations of people are much more candy: dancers, pin ups, modern girls, etc.. What is your favorite picture?

Nina Ricci Spring-Summer 2012: I Zina, the muse of Peter, it girl in the 30 ...


A Time past were always better? Few collections, does one?, Characters are inspired by contemporary women a while back again and again to the near or distant past. Peter Copping has done it again, this time of Plagny remerorando Zina, artist and collaborator Nina Ricci in the 30's.

Again the golden age of couture as a reference, the new volume, gauze, and a lot of second skin lingerie comes out and as we saw in Milan and now here, many top-bra. Exquisite dresses floral print of the artist, their overlapping sublime, its refined women who suddenly plant a biker jacket or a silk studded cowboy. Nina Ricci Spring-Summer 2012 is exquisite as the finest menu. Come and savor.

Marina Perez, a Spanish flavor on the catwalk


Just over 10 years, when the retina was still in the boom of supermodels, few could imagine that a Spanish woman to reach the top designers paraded in the main gateways of the world, except of course, Esther Cañadas at that time still taking advantage of the great media that gave him his romance with Mark Vanderloo.

But the success of Esther Cañadas was diluted at the same time a call Marina Perez Madrid was slowly becoming more international in our commitment. Today, after a decade long career is the turn to take stock and review the highlights in his career that is not little.

Leather shopper bag Stradivarius

Bolso shopper de piel de Stradivarius Here's a novelty for autumn winter 2011 2012 Stradivarius , is a shopper-style bag but what is really new is that leather and imitation leather or "plastic". Remember that can see all the new bags Stradivarius .

You could say that a new stage in the shop of Stradivari and until recently it was unthinkable, but times change and even handbags Stradivarius is quality materials. A trend that has also targeted this season other fashion stores like H & M. White

This bag is designed Stradivarius bicolor, is 100% cow leather and costs 59.95 euros. And now only available in the online store section of firsts. How about this bag?

But this is not the only Stradivarius skin bag, there are some more:

Bolso shopper de piel de StradivariusBolso shopper de piel de StradivariusBolso shopper de piel de Stradivarius

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Bershka clothes and looks

Bershka ropa y looks Bershka has new clothes and looks from his collection autumn winter 2011 2012 . The images corresponding to their new lookbook October and has many news and trends!

The Bershka store is targeted to the mustard and has many color clothes in this fashion, there are swan-neck sweaters, booties with printed python leather skirt, blazer and skirt with sequins, leopard print dresses, leather jackets, details in sheepskin, full skirt, coat layer, etc..

How about the new clothes and looks Stradivarius?

Bershka clothes and looks in the fall winter 2011 2012
Bershka ropa y looksBershka ropa y looksBershka ropa y looksBershka ropa y looksBershka ropa y looksBershka ropa y looks

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Oysho Shoes

zapatos oysho
Have you seen the new shoes Oysho? The lingerie stores increasingly more diverse products and is super common to find at stores like Oysho jerseys, shoes and even clothes.

We saw the trends fall winter 2011 2012 Oysho , with a very simple and romantic style. His collection looks very casual proposed street and oxford style with lots of preppy, leggings and flat shoes in general.

Oysho shoes are usually very comfortable and practical, with a certain bohemian. Want to see what shoes Oysho proposed for next season?

One of my favorite clothes are Oysho pajamas , clothes are very cute and well priced. The same goes for accessories or shoes, are sometimes super-chic designs that you have no other Inditex brands!

zapatos oysho 19.99 Oysho Shoes
zapatos oysho Shoes 25.99 and 29.99 Oysho
zapatos oysho Shoes 39.99 and 29.99 Oysho
zapatos oysho Shoes 25.99 and 21.99 Oysho
zapatos oysho Shoes 21.99 and 27.99 Oysho

The shoes are one of the glitter fall accessories !

zapatos oysho

25.99 Oysho Shoes

How about Oysho shoes for this fall winter?

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Vanity Fair Autumn-Winter lookbook 2011/2012: not sexy, super sexy!


Vanity Fair delights us in their lookbook 2011/2012 Autumn-Winter collection with a sophisticated and sensual, where the fit is the fundamental fabric. Each garment is sexier than the previous one, with three-piece set including bra, thong and garter belt. In each of these there are details that make clear the savoir faire that make it a unique signature.

The most romantic touch is imposed by floral pattern, and the most daring in the animal print. There are also hollow look for a lady, sixties models of high-waisted pants, some with no seams, to wear in our daily and feel as comfortable as possible.

Vanity also remembers the brides. For them has created a very sensual and romantic line in off-white, composed of beautiful corsets and culottes.

Jill Stuart Fall-Winter 2011/2012: "Ojito Clement me ..."

Although few days ago we released this fall as warm (for now) we still get new advertising campaigns. And who could star in the new signature Jill Stuart? Freja Beha Erichsen , who else. And go as they are spent! And in a series of black and white photos, the fashion model that is more fashionable this season with an eye to challenging his running mate. If looks could kill ...

Does the outfit? Very male, gray tweed coat straight and simple lines. How I love this company! And that simplicity is part of its charm and distinctive look that many paid for. Although garment leather jackets biker style ... For more than a year to launch them again I never get tired. I like the vibes you get when you combine with a minidress with a female or torn shorts and black boots ...

Rochas Spring-Summer 2012: I muse but I anquilosé in the past


When the crisis gets worse, women are feminized. It happened in the 40's attack on Pearl Harbor and the atomic bomb. Women are groomed and have girded although not for socks. For average in 2011 but we also turn to the ladies, in those years, those cuts. Rochas and Marco Zanini, still there, like many others, but they have been in those years, petrified, without contributing much more than, that may already be much, splendid accessories (glasses and shoes) that will be must-have.

Organza, lace and embellished piques a woman who lived in the 40 and 50 and flew into the time machine to the present. But it has done in an irregular fashion, I loved your mixes pailletes point and I bore his proposals and I frightened black pastel blends and cutting geek queen mother.

The book of fashion week: Take Ivy


The book fashion this week has been discontinued for years, until he's finally been reissued again, after thousands of requests for coolhunters worldwide. What does this book to generate much interest?

In the sixties, a Japanese photographer named Teruyoshi Hayashida traveled throughout the northeastern United States stopping at each of the campuses of the Ivy League to document the style of the time. The resulting book, Take Ivy, published by Powerhouse Books is absolutely brilliant.

Bracelet and earrings from stars Massimo Dutti

Pulsera y pendientes de estrellas de Massimo Dutti
How about this bracelet and earrings Massimo Dutti? As you can see it is a design in gold with stars. The bracelet and earrings costs 15.95 euros 15.95 also.

The stars are very trendy this season, while the pattern of stars is one of the most IT Fall Winter 2011 2012!

The new collection autumn winter 2011 2012 Massimo Dutti are loving me, whether its clothes, their shoes and jewelry .

Pulsera y pendientes de estrellas de Massimo DuttiPulsera y pendientes de estrellas de Massimo Dutti

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dries Van Noten Spring-Summer 2012: master's brushstrokes, bird songs and flamenco wail


Sublime, inspired by two main reasons: first seam past decades, the expertise of its designers and the knowledge to be their wives. Volume, pleats, ruffles, taffeta and boleros with reminiscences most traditional art, flamenco, and seam finishes impeccable Parisian elegance.

His second inspiration: pictures of the nature of James Reeve that sprinkled the clothes of a part of the parade in the manner of Pollock, sometimes broad-brush to brush more. Dries Van Noten's Spring-Summer 2012 fashion, femininity, classic silhouettes reinvented, an ode to nature, a poem for most urban women, a mix of styles, times and reasons difficult to make but that has been masterful.

Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2012: ready for takeoff, the flight will be standing


Everything is ready and willing. 6 months of hard work, the fashion gurus in your front row, ready stop light bulbs ... and the assembly falls apart. Thus began the Spring-Summer 2012 fashion show, with the audience standing due to falling and breaking of the banks in which to lay their buttocks were clad in the latest trend. But if the crowd saw him standing, standing well over.

Balenciaga, Ghesquiere rather well-deserved standing idolized. For its review of master files always brings new things, because he can give his classic volumes brand new look. Because his shows are anything but couture styling.

With the music of Twin Peaks came out with models parading and amen to your site again. Amen to all that there were their wonderful accessories, color revision block and the cut at the waist shoulders wrapped in extravagant and iridescent fabrics.

White wedge boots

Botines con cuñas de Blanco Here are some new boots with wedge of white fall winter 2011 2012, one of the fashionable shoes because it's a booty in suede and wedge!

White But these boots have been this tendency to extremes, I think it has a style quite exaggerated, not only by the dizzying height between the platform and the wedge, but also by design a little rough.

What do you think? And what would you take these boots look? They cost 35.95 euros and also available in black.

I do not like at all but I am aware of the fascination that these shoes produced in many followers of fashion.

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What are your favorite fashion stores?

Jared answers

After thinking several recommendations for fall get to choose what are your favorite fashion stores. Those who have a special charm, which have the best fashion, are special places of the city or simply are the best quality / price. You choose:

What are your favorite fashion stores?

Remember that comments are not in this post but in the actual question Jared Responses .

In Jared Replies | What are your favorite fashion stores?

Blogs and fashion 71: memories of a Fashion Week ...


If there is something I like about the bloggosfera is able to enjoy the many bloggers Spanish entries are from their residences abroad. And, although the Spanish have been giving their all to the Fashion Week of Madrid from other corners of the world, many have been enjoying international fashion weeks. What envy!

One is the author of Carrottline. Charlotte has been in the Fashion Week in London shooting looks wonderful as you see in the main picture. Do not miss the pictures that has made the Londoners!

Primark Winter 2012

Primark invierno 2012 Here are the new winter catalog 2012 Primark , which is different to that you already teach! So there looks, clothes, accessories, trends and ideas to dress this season with low cost rates.

This new catalog has many Primark party clothes, party dresses exactly and events in gold and silver, black and white also, another trend this fall winter 2011 2012.

Primark also point to the fashion of baggy pants, boots with fringes, XL collars, coats with fur, wedge boots, etc..

What do you think the new Primark clothing :) ?

Primark Autumn Winter 2011 2012

Primark invierno 2012Primark invierno 2012Primark invierno 2012Primark invierno 2012

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Film Fashion (VII): legendary costumes in film history (I)


In the history of cinema there are costumes that have made ​​the film more and more remembered for their outfits than anything else.
Are outfits that have been stored in the retina of us viewers and are always with us. The fashion has executed millions of times, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so. Fashion editorials inspire them season after season. The first part of the special
legendary costumes in film history is a little tour of the wonderful parts of those beloved films and how to adapt them to today. Experience the show!

Tweed jackets, a must for your wardrobe. Mango, Zara and bet on them White

Paula Echevarria-white-collection-32.jpg

Tweed jackets have become in recent seasons in our wardrobe essential. The inheritance of this stylish piece so let us Coco Chanel, who today and in each of their collections, never one to go. It is now an icon of style and a sound investment. A classic that all firms have low copy cost and every season we propose a different model, since there are different versions.

This garment is easy to combine and pasted with all styles. You might as well be for the day than at night. The celebrities have fallen to his charms devotedly for a long time and not just have one, if a large range, they can. Do you? If you do not have yours, this Fall-Winter 2011/2012 grab one. White, Zara and Mango are betting on various designs:

Who's that girl? Eugenia Martínez de Irujo is for Kelme


When I saw these photos, this campaign, I wondered, as Madonna sang many years ago: Who is that girl? or rather, what's that girl? The Duchess puts his face and dimpled smile to handbags and shoes, to the highest and most expensive and close to the ground and affordable. In this case we speak of the Campaign Fall-Winter Kelme signature.

No doubt should work, because if not, explain to me what he paints in this campaign, casual, sport, country, Sporting one of these adjectives would associate with it? No and no presents to us in ways that surprise us. Lords of Kelme, vote because the next time you play a makeover in the style of the campaign 12 hours, 12 H & M women . Do you dare?

Pull and Bear Dresses Fall 2011

vestidos pull and bear otoño 2011
Dresses Pull and Bear Fall 2011 are here! On September 6, opened the store onlinde Pull and Bear and have uploaded a lot of new things to the web. Dresses Pull and Bear still come pretty autumn for my taste and widely used cotton. I'm sure (I hope) that for winter dresses begin to rise a bit more winter fabrics. For now, Pull and Bear clothes are very wearable fall for every day, there is virtually gowns.

The Pull and Bear dresses are cut and quite colorful mini, for every day I like a lot but I have not seen anything spectacular, really. Want to see the dresses Pull and Bear Fall 2011?

You could see the Stradivarius dresses for fall and the case is just the opposite! Stradivarius is declined by the evening dresses and Pull and Bear of the journal. Hopefully going to be interesting things in both cases.
vestidos pull and bear otoño 2011
vestidos pull and bear otoño 2011 This blue dress Pull and Bear I love, but not for winter!
vestidos pull and bear otoño 2011
vestidos pull and bear otoño 2011 The star print could not miss even in the clothes of Pull and Bear Fall 2011!
vestidos pull and bear otoño 2011
vestidos pull and bear otoño 2011
vestidos pull and bear otoño 2011

What do you think dresses Pull and Bear Fall 2011?

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