Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blogs and fashion 71: memories of a Fashion Week ...


If there is something I like about the bloggosfera is able to enjoy the many bloggers Spanish entries are from their residences abroad. And, although the Spanish have been giving their all to the Fashion Week of Madrid from other corners of the world, many have been enjoying international fashion weeks. What envy!

One is the author of Carrottline. Charlotte has been in the Fashion Week in London shooting looks wonderful as you see in the main picture. Do not miss the pictures that has made the Londoners!

Also in London, Sietezapatos Lucia, went to the Fashion Week in London and left us with the style that led to the second day. I love it!

lucia seven

Gala Gonzalez, also known as Am Lul, is one of the faithful at Fashion Week in New York. In his blog , we have seen pictures of how well it went and, of course, their looks.

New York gala

Meanwhile in Milan, Zina of Fashion Vibe , parade and enjoyed amongst some shopping parade and pose with pretty ballerinas.


Lovely Alexandra Pepa was another who showed us their version of Fashion Week in Milan where he also took the opportunity to buy.

lovely nugget

And finally, Yael Acapulco Golden shows us the worst month of the fashion weeks, a very funny post you must read from top to bottom. 100% recommended!


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