Friday, September 30, 2011

The book of fashion week: Take Ivy


The book fashion this week has been discontinued for years, until he's finally been reissued again, after thousands of requests for coolhunters worldwide. What does this book to generate much interest?

In the sixties, a Japanese photographer named Teruyoshi Hayashida traveled throughout the northeastern United States stopping at each of the campuses of the Ivy League to document the style of the time. The resulting book, Take Ivy, published by Powerhouse Books is absolutely brilliant.


The series of photographs focuses on men and clothing, and casual style that exported throughout the world for brands like Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger. Whether relaxing in the courtyard of the college, studying in the library, bike or on the pier, the Ivy League students are impeccably dressed and define exactly how was the youth during the reign of the Kennedy White House. Take Ivy has survived the decades and is an essential book for anyone interested in history latest fashion.


My impressions

This book does not collect dust in my house, to my dismay. But at least I could flip through, and draw some conclusions style:

- For lovers of street style, it is curious to see how The Sartorialist finds inspiration in its pages.

- Nobody seems to release, all have used look, yet the degree of cleanliness is maximized.

- Shorts are made for men with stringy calves.

- All college students are combed like a character in the series Mad Men. Or is it vice versa?

- No one keeps track suit, even the ones in the photos by sport.

- The short-sleeve shirt does not exist, even in summer.


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