Friday, September 30, 2011

Marina Perez, a Spanish flavor on the catwalk


Just over 10 years, when the retina was still in the boom of supermodels, few could imagine that a Spanish woman to reach the top designers paraded in the main gateways of the world, except of course, Esther Cañadas at that time still taking advantage of the great media that gave him his romance with Mark Vanderloo.

But the success of Esther Cañadas was diluted at the same time a call Marina Perez Madrid was slowly becoming more international in our commitment. Today, after a decade long career is the turn to take stock and review the highlights in his career that is not little.


Unlike many models that are discovered suspiciously at a restaurant or a subway stop, the first steps of Marina Perez in the fashion world were well studied for their mother, one of the great architects of their success. She would enter her daughter just 11 years in an agency, and since then Marina Perez knows what it is to work as a model.

In fact at age 12 and starred catalogs and 14 appear in campaigns for El Corte Ingles. But it was not until he was 17 when he takes his first steps as a professional runway. It would be in February 2002 when he was selected to participate in the Cibeles. There he made ​​his debut for Miguel Palacio, and even a few months before we would see on the cover of Elle magazine in its Spanish version.


Its international launch will come a year later, in 2003. This year will be awarded as a model disclosure in the Cibeles and from that moment you begin to open doors that previously were unthinkable for a model of its features.

First, the campaigns would see Spanish firms such as Mango, Pronovias, Massimo Dutti and Victorio & Lucchino, fragrance campaign starring Water Spray.


A few months later became the head of casting for the CK to put his eyes on her, proposing to march exclusively during Fashion Week in New York. Since then his career takes a radical turn, its international was unstoppable despite being a relatively low model compared to current models. (1.75 m)

In 2005 the parade and many others see for Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Prada, YSL, Dior and so many more getting a number of parades completely unthinkable for a Spanish model.


While top-level stars in campaigns, in fact the same year and would have in the campaign by Mario Testino Jimmy Choo and the D & G with Bianca Balti or Moschino.

His most prominent


Indeed it would be from 2005 when we would see his most important works in the fashion world coincides with a drop weight really striking for its constitution.

To the already mentioned work of Jimmy Choo and D & G campaign would join them and also Bvlgari, Giorgio Armani where can already see this change from previous seasons.


Nor could miss one of his last works for Marc Jacobs, specifically for the line Marc by Marc Jacobs in their 2010 summer campaign photographed by Jurgen Teller ...

... And not his campaign for the Spanish brand Loewe shows that is a model very versatile and adaptable to many records, which is essential today for any model that wants to succeed at this level.

Marina Perez in 2011

Until 2011 our international model could boast of being very consistent and remain in high demand in many international fashion shows, but this last year has curbed his frenetic work, has in fact disappeared from the runways of New York, Paris and Milan where it was a must.

This has also been noticed in his face, has regained the odd kilo and his features are rounded as in the beginning, making it even more attractive in my opinion.

Of course, we were able to enjoy his presence in Cibeles where this fan of Erin O'Connor remains basic, and even started to miss the major international events.

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