Friday, September 30, 2011

Nina Ricci Spring-Summer 2012: I Zina, the muse of Peter, it girl in the 30 ...


A Time past were always better? Few collections, does one?, Characters are inspired by contemporary women a while back again and again to the near or distant past. Peter Copping has done it again, this time of Plagny remerorando Zina, artist and collaborator Nina Ricci in the 30's.

Again the golden age of couture as a reference, the new volume, gauze, and a lot of second skin lingerie comes out and as we saw in Milan and now here, many top-bra. Exquisite dresses floral print of the artist, their overlapping sublime, its refined women who suddenly plant a biker jacket or a silk studded cowboy. Nina Ricci Spring-Summer 2012 is exquisite as the finest menu. Come and savor.


Lingerie is one of the trends of the summer. She confirms it.

Pants Want to make exaggerated volume with some already? Zara and styling options for work will find them.


Giant lapels and pockets for women of small proportions.


Navels air Did you think it would end this summer? Wrong.




Biker jackets in lavender. Barbie hanría killed by one, we.



And an end in beautiful dusty tones.

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