Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The 90 are from Versace and H & M

Versace's collection for H & M is reaching overload shares on the Internet quite disturbing. For my part I took hobby before to come out just this massive overdose of information that I found. They are very clever and throw every second, hour or day, something new this time is the video made ​​by Champagne Valentine and I ♥ FAKE.

The taste of the 90 is more than clear. Any reference mole and is seen as "cool". Video from the Versace collection for H & M strip by those styles. A burst of endless collage on a good chroma that changes as the model, Michelle, plays funny poses.

I really like the aesthetics, very properly see the launch of H & M . Just as the choice of "War in Heaven 'by The Raveonettes , although I would put something more appropriate for those 90 tacky groovy looking to sell visually. For example a little more electro Family Records Not Not Fun .

Along with this video we are left with the words of Donatella Versace on the collection of H & M.

In Jared | Donatella dear, are you lacking inspiration? The Versace collection by H & M has over 20 years ...
In Jared | Versace for H & M: more clothes, more coats ... More Versace!

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