Tuesday, October 25, 2011

90 mistakes you should not repeat


The priests of fashion have spoken, and the rest we Obeys: a redone force for several seasons, we can say it loud and clear: the nineties are already here. What do we do? How do we dress? My advice, adapt fashion to our own style (he is, right?) And not fall into stylistic errors of almost 20 years ago. How time flies!. Very fast, as can be seen. But do not forget to major disasters such as:

The tracksuit


"If You want to be my lover". Here is the Spice Athlete, who perpetrated this fashionable tracksuit to go out. Adidas will thank you forever in the form of royalties by selling pants meters, but our eyes have had to endure this eyesore for years.

The monkeys


Bjork is very modern, very Icelandic and very alternative, but ... do you really want to recopy this child look?. By the way, has just released a new album, almost as brick as above.

The velvet chokers


From that clay muds are present in the form of huge bib necklaces. Fashion is a constant pendulum trends, and these necklaces finite, that oppressed the neck, were the most. ¿Will pull your big collar and run to the nearest haberdashery to make one?

The "Rachel"


In those years, the girls ran to the salon with a cut of a very young Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green and characterized in the nineties hit series "Friends." Despite its simplicity, a haircut was difficult to maintain impeccable. Ideal for a star and stylists cut hair, complicated in the other: when did your hair grow in all directions.

The curtains


If the hair "Rachel" sent in girls, hair parted in the middle and flat on the side curtains was the most sought among boys. The trend started from groups like New Kids on The Block, only to be popularized by a very young metrosexual Beckham before. What harm have the hair plates!

The psychedelic prints


Before Brian Austin Greene was the fortunate husband of Megan Fox, was David Silver, the apprentice DJ (incidentally, also fashion career right now) I loved Donna on 90210. Now we know why it took so long to conquer: printed shirts had these horrible guilt.

Baseball caps


Of all the brands, all models, and especially ... backward! Who did not tacky luciéndola well? MC Hammer's fault!

The blue mascara


Who did not prove that blue mask? For a hip hop look was perfect! Now reminds us of the Smurfs, do not you think?

The fanny


Belt or bag, that the English seem less tacky. A garment that should never have left the beaten track (it is very comfortable to travel), but became popular as an alternative to traditional bag. He even had an attempted return to the beginning of the new century thanks to an appearance in Sex in NY ... I said, flee!

After this review ... you still longing for times past? Look ahead and define your own style, regardless of the decades!

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