Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adeem, a new partnership to boost Spanish designers

Adeem, Spanish Designers Association of Moving

The fashion industry is counting on new initiatives towards improving the opportunities for new designers that need to be disclosed. Spanish Designers Association in Motion ( Adeem ) Seeks to be a new platform that unknown young talent achieve greater facilities from the operation of the firm to the profitability of it.

The association is newly created and seeks, in his own words: "get, working from the base, that its members become references in the global fashion scene." A very ambitious desire for what you have different profiles of professionals in marketing, communication, business management, photography and Internet positioning.

According to them, "the Spanish fashion with a car driving old, beat-up, no lights and no brakes on the highway however, is well paved and marked." Compare the situation of the domestic industry to other countries like Italy and France, among others, noting that here we do not take the strength of associations among themselves for the same purpose.

To achieve these objectives, Adeem offers different services. On their website are all exposed. To quote the first three:

Support the creation or updating of the corporate image of the brand of its partners (web, brochures, logos, etc.).

Human and logistic support in each of the private events that are organized by its partners (Locations, parades, vendors, hair, makeup, hiring models, etc.).

Participation as a fashion brand in all national and international events organized Adeem .

The showroom Adeem is located in downtown Madrid, on the street Arlabán, 7. Among his future plans seek to have sites in Paris, London, New York or Tokyo.

From Jared wish them luck with this new initiative, with goals as ambitious Spanish fashion has a new actor to pull to the front.

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