Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Agent Provocateur: lingerie, blood and terror

Agent Provocateur have long distinguished by its impressive campaigns. Very visual campaigns that generate much controversy. You just have to see the election of Paz de la Huerta as brand image, no one would risk insanity do not do with it their prestige destroyed. While that's nothing compared to this video titled 'The Flowers of Evil'. One more step, but giant.

Director Justin Anderson, whose recent work are on the payroll of Vogue Italia and Jayne Pierson , is not cut at all and knows how to present the new collection will launch online Soiree 2011/2012 Agent Provocateur on 31 October.

'The Flowers of Evil' is a short horror-filled shocks and impacts where they lack the feeling of blood (perfect fit the detail of the gown), sex, fear of strangers and the transformation of a quiet woman home to a dominatrix confident.

With a theme of thrash metal and much background free erotic Agent Provocateur still earning his way on to talk about it. Because in the end this is what is right?

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