Wednesday, October 26, 2011

¿Agyness Deyn is back?

Agyness Deyn

What we like to create the hype, I am the first. A second Agyness Deyn. And its circuit fashion and more. Today morning you molas Mischa Barton. Amiguísssssima British model and (have to go taking the accent Rajoy for elections) by Henry Holland, and a few others, takes a month or two of the busiest yet its popular time, those famous 15 minutes, may have happened.

Hello Covers, I'm blonde and rock

Agyness Deyn Elle Uk

A return to try to win the lost popularity? A return to try to be that girl that promised more than it was? Can. In one way or another we have seen on the cover of Elle magazine, in its British edition. Achieves first cover at the head of their land, while for France or Elle Elle Japan and starred in two in late 2008 (September and December, respectively).

Vogue wanted more, especially Vogue Italia (three covers), but in Britain only to achieve a header (June 2008). The other two went to Korea and Brazil.

Twin Agyness Deyn

It has gone all year without covers and I think it's a coincidence (I do not believe in them when the peeling is the peeling) which since September has three already: Stern, Twin and Elle. The first two very good, the second a pain, quite in line with Elle. A rock pose but scare your target audience, more conservative.

Agyness Deyn Stern

The Stern-Twin, made ​​by Damon Baker and Ben Weller, respectively, are more striking. I love the Twin October, with a style book and the British Air . The Stern is more sexual September 90 as the subject, time of which tells how to take care Total Free well .

For comparison: in 2010 only had two major magazines including: Love and Vogue Italia. In 2009: in 2008 8 and 9. Do we think it's coincidence?

As for publishing the story changes and has added more. He who starred in the British Vogue May with photographer Tim Walker is one of my favorites.

Hello ads, I am a rebel

The drive also comes with advertising under the arm. Doc Martens has just released an ad with Agyness Deyn in testimonial plan, just a style similar to what we saw yesterday Scarlett Johansson for Dolce & Gabbana .

Agyness Deyn Dr Martens

It is also graphic image of the campaign, of course.

Agyness Deyn Moncler

Two other firms with which he worked: Moncler.

Uniqlo Agyness Deyn

And Uniqlo, who already know from previous collaborations. This time with Chloë Sevigny and Susan Sarandon.

But what about Rihanna?

Happen to be in all places and in all media. And that includes video clips and fashion with singers, ergo, Rihanna . Agyness Deyn as the image does not come out but as voice (it's something). If you do not recognize is that which speaks to the beginning. Newsprint.

Gateway and do not speak. From the Autumn-Winter 2010/2011 (with Alexander Wang or Oscar de la Renta, among other shows) has not returned.

Those were the days in which the selected com Vogue Paris of the 30 best models of the 2000s. Well, I lie. He climbed to the catwalk for a purpose beneficial to Haiti and ended up sitting on it. Twice. Yes.

Will we have more Agyness Deyn end of the year?

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