Friday, October 28, 2011

Amaya Arzuaga, opinion data

Amaya Arzuaga

Facts, not opinion:

  1. Amaya Arzuaga close its production plant in Spain, located in Lema, Burgos.
  2. Amaya Arzuaga move production out of Spain, an emerging country, perhaps to China or India.
  3. Amaya Arzuaga says "produced in Spain at this time is very expensive."
  4. Acknowledges having to compete with products made in China and that the only way to cheapen the product is produced in emerging countries.
  5. 37 employees on strike.
  6. Ellipse societies Maria Luisa Navarro (Spanish designer's mother) and Amaya Arzuaga layoffs had a job ( ERE ) Temporal mid-2009. At that time workers were 38 and 10 respectively.
  7. Ellipse Maria Luisa Navarro grew to 140 employees.
  8. Amaya Arzuaga establish a hub in Paris.
  9. Amaya Arzuaga is a member of the House Sewing Association of the Prêt-à-porter in Paris.
  10. Amaya Arzuaga has produced three collections at Fashion Week in Paris.
  11. "Amaya Arzuaga international fashion shows in cities like Paris, not in receipt of subsidies despite the high cost effect" in the words of its representatives to Jared for days.
  12. September: Amaya Arzuaga received a € 60,000 grant from the Ministry of Culture to "increase the legal supply of cultural content on the Internet and to promote modernization, innovation and technological adaptation of cultural and creative industries for the year 2011"
  13. Amaya Arzuaga "has a shop of over 400 square meters in the Salamanca district of Madrid, which opened more than 10 years, and a showroom of over 200 meters in the capital. On the other hand now has over one hundred points of sale worldwide in addition to Spain, such as Kuwait, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Canada, China, USA , Mexico, Italy, France, England, Germany, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon among others, "as we did not know at the time .
  1. "The designer Amaya Arzuaga maintained only in Spain more than 50 jobs annually," as we also reported.

End of information.

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