Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Armani Exchange Party campaign collection: demos to air Christmas night rocker

armani exchange

The campaign of the collection Armani Exchange Party just go on stage and they have been classics for the holiday season, sequins, metallic fabrics and much, much brightness. But something changes in the image that we offer is no longer the classic LBD the protagonist, is now the most bet on some jeans, some shine and a cardigan. And knowing who has done styling for the campaign, we miss you. Want to know who it is?

It could not be other than the stylist Kate Lanphear. Distinctive for its short peroxide blonde hair and looks to white base, black and gray (you can learn a little more the style of Kate Lanphear clicking here ).

The photographer is Matthew Scrivens and the result is up to you, do you like this proposal to Armani Exchange for Christmas night?

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