Thursday, October 27, 2011

The art of achieving a good cover


It is a joy to find some good cover in a few days. The first thing I saw was that of Interview and then I went to see others as they said this morning that I liked Agyness Deyn enough. Here we see four very different styles but with good taste.

The Interview is one of my favorites of the month of November. With a black and white photo in which you can see the grain as possible, to the point that looks like a pencil drawing. Chloë Moretz (stay with this name that is going to speak ) if someone portrayed as the style of Monica Belluci and the like. She has 14 years alone.

Soon Naomi campbell

Naomi Campbell is timeless. And the cover for the magazine can be seen until Soon ironically. Seb Janiak is usual to convert people in the future, and that stereotype has not escaped the English model. By the year 3000 and will continue hogging doorways.

Elle Mexico

The contradictions of the fashion world are fascinating. While some say farewell to autumn colors, others are marked in this spectacular cover of Elle Mexico. Mirzac Daniela looks very pretty on the orders of the photographer James Nightingale.

Kurkova Vogue

And of course, then there are the stations and "when you go I come from there," he would say that. While we do not stop talking about the fall in Vogue Brazil glad the view through the summer and Karolina Kurkova in shades of pink with a sandy bottom. Who could be there now.

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