Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back to the past: Gala Gonzalez and his road to fame


Last week we discovered the radical change that had been Chiara Ferragni in just two years. He went from being just average girl to be the most divine of bloggosfera, so we all wanted more, more, more. And promises are made. Today we return to the past of Gala Gonzalez , before opening his blog Am Lul , was already famous for MySpace. This is where we saw the first images of a girl who has nothing to do with now.

Although the change has been more gradual than the Italian blonde, because the images that we are going to show c orresponden to 2006 (that is, by that time there was another move). Not trying to get iron to the matter at all, just want to put in a position to all readers. I do not know what would happen if leaked images of me in those years ... Horror!

And the hair to Rapunzel?

If anything characterizes Gala Gonzalez is that wonderful brown hair that looks loose and unkempt with bows and that is the envy for many girls. It was not always so. It was in 2006 when it was fashionable to bicolor hair Naranjo Monica ... And of course, a fashion victim as she could not repress his follies to his precious hair.


The total white look is a trend that is always there (especially in spring-summer) but the white socks are a horror ... But I think all we have done, ever, crimes of fashion like this.


Surely at that time feeling Gala Gonzalez and expectation created by their outfits, but the years go by and the images are recorded on websites and what happens happens: after 5 years then you remember how they dressed (horrors!).


This girl's style has always been known to risk and not focus on one in particular: one day it gets a ladylike dress and the other is the hottest girl on the planet destroyer. At that time dared with a red plaid shorts and black socks and white ... not missing.


Blog as often

Today it has become one of the most followed bloggers, loved and imitated the international bloggosfera. Their outfits are original and his style is not defined by what appeals to a wide audience.


Since the site launch its staff have been many works that have been offered: Model, DJ, designer, stylist ... This girl goes for it! And leading the fashion in the blood.


In short, we all have a dark past where fashion tormented us. But what matters is the Gala today and has shown that it is his style and the rest is nonsense.


Who will be next ...?

Photos | Am Lul , MySpace Gala Gonzalez
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