Friday, October 28, 2011

Bershka dress shoes

Zapatos de fiesta de Bershka Bershka has new accessories for your looks fall winter 2011 2012 and you already have to go to your closet by year-end events like New Year and Christmas.

Exactly Bershka has new party shoes peep toe style and rooms with the latest trends such as platforms, glitter glitter and gold finishes.

The designs of the Bershka dress shoes are quite nice, but like most shoes of this season has a dizzying height and also a very thin heel, these shoes and Bershka are 13 inches high, which already for many girls is a major drawback.

What do you think these shoes Bershka party :) ?

Zapatos de fiesta de Bershka Details of these peep toe party Bershka. 49.99 euros.
Zapatos de fiesta de Bershka
These peep toe glitter Bershka cost 19.99 euros.
Zapatos de fiesta de Bershka
These rooms with golden platform Bershka, 39.99.

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