Friday, October 28, 2011

Cosmopolitan crisis: an image of 2009 for this November 2011

How strong I think. I understand that the crisis affecting all sectors and that the fashion world has been affected by it. I understand that one house magazine covers are transferred just as we saw in Harper's Bazaar (although the number loses some of its charm). But I can not understand and did not enter my head is like Cosmopolitan re-used for the second time a picture of Blake Lively , 2009.

It has been over two years! And worst of all? There is a picture of them, but a promotional series Gossip Girl. This past January I showed a home where Serena Van der Woodsen appeared with a Versace metallic paillettes and rich color in her face Photoshop.


All the views we criticize and what seemed to us that image, but one of the readers, @ jessb , went further and demonstrated that the image corresponded to the Gossip Girl promotional poster, 2009. That is, work from the original magazine and -10.


It's a shame to see a magazine that once I went to her readers (I loved it!) Do these odd jobs around today.

Photo | Cosmopolitan
In Jared | The bizarre cover of Cosmopolitan Blake Lively

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