Friday, October 28, 2011

Dita Von Teese launches new clothing line (have you seen the figures of Beckham dear?)


I pa me so. I'm still despeluchada after seeing the figures that have driven Victoria Beckham with his collection this year . Despeluchada which cartoon that puts his fingers in a socket. Will plug thing which has caused the meteoric rise of Beckham? Is there any hand in the shade? Whether or not the phenomenon of divas, artists, actresses, designers who spend continues. Today Dita Von Teese has confirmed her very subtle, which is next.


Subtle because the rumors whispered for a few days and the Teese has posted this image on your social network to Confirm? a

"It's going to be quite a task to sew All These labels into my clothes!

Or more or less, if you have to sew, you sew. This week also announced, glass of champagne in hand and boa in the other that:
It Would be great to remake from the '30s Those Things, '40s and '50s. I Would be very interested in. Having a lot of my favorite vintage pieces copied Because It's kind of sad There's a lot of great Things That are going to be lost, That Can not Be worn again, That People Will never get to see the beauty of vintage. "

We understand it to be vintage, retro will will Dita will be Good?

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