Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Street style: 24 with your creepers


The creepers are here. Surely you are one of the two possible sides: either you love or hate. I am the first, I love the creepers and I believe well-run can get a look very cool. To inspire those who do not know how to carry and to show what they are not yet known, we bring you the street style> where creepers are the only players. Take note.


The street already mentioned this shoe so unique and it seems that the best way to combine it with style in simple colors like black, gray, or white. Do not leave too much of this palette.


The models are well almost every tendency, including the creepers. Looks like gray house. Great!

street styler

With skirt or dress

With skirt or dress feminine you give the air a creeper shoe needs. Susie Lau of Style Bubble is a daring and always risking a shoe like this, which is itself cane, he gets more trends, and gets good!

susie lau

The Gothic roll served with these shoes so if you combine pictures with black and get a look like Olivia Emily.

street styler

But if a street styler make your creepers know about shoes that dream is Zina of Fashion Vibe. Zina fair share of added sweetness you need this shoe. These creepers are H & M and have flown ... for something that will be!


Photos | Stockholm Street Style, Style Bubble , Fashion Vibe , Olivia Emily
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