Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fashion beyond the Birkin: Tips of the Week (III)

scarecrow mask

What a bridge ahead, either to celebrate All Saints in the traditional way, or Halloween and the night of fear. We have plans for everyone: children or adults wanting to party, which is sure it will pass in fear with our proposals.

If you want empaparos Halloween environment, take note of the special Halloween decoration of our fellow Decoesfera to decorate the house with pumpkins, cobwebs and what it takes. Up the ladder can be thus terrifying .

halloween ladder

If you have children do not miss these printable downloadable masks . A costume that will delight little ones and is very simple to perform. This weekend it seems that the weather is not a good time to lock in a sweet home to cook typical of the era: the Catalan panallets a recipe rich and ideal for small are encouraged to participate.

If you have an appetite, I also liked these fun recipes Straight to the palate: sausage Mummy and vampire claws . And in this time of year can not miss the tasty pumpkin on our plates.

mummy sausages

For you who are thinking of disguise and yet know not what, says these Halloween costumes that have appeared in our favorite series and collects Go Tele.

friends halloween

And if you want to spend real fear, the cinema has several openings for us to hang out between screams, terror and fright: Paranormal Activity III , who is winning at the box office, Intruders , with a handsome Clive Owen star, and infection , which plays a much more authentic because fear can become a reality, fear a global pandemic, deadly and very contagious.


Finally, a recommendation for those who want to run away from Halloween and lost for the Spanish coast, travel in a convertible, without knowing where you're going to dawn the next day . You, the road and your car and many miles to go!.


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