Friday, October 28, 2011

The fashion book of the week: Books 2.0


This week we will show you not only a reference, but several examples of books that would never have been possible without the Internet. We have a million books simple click fashion, and this phenomenon has also facilitated the release of towering specimens from websites and blogs with great success. Let's review some of them:

Who, what, wear: the book


Without doubt, Who What Wear Web is a reference for all those interested in how celebrities dress. Many inspiring looks, trends adapted to each body, the gateway to real life, an exhaustive list of shops and a dictionary of fashion. Nothing new under the sun, only suitable for true fans of the page.

Style yourself


Style yourself manual is the perfect style for Egobloggers lovers. Presented by EB famous as Jane Albridge, Tavi Gevinson or Susie Lau, in eight chapters is a thorough review of style from head to foot: illustrations, styling and impossible mixes, styles of dress for cities, color studies and a long list of essentials that will delight eager homelands EB get a similar book.

The Selby is in your place


The New Yorker photographer Todd Selby is the author of The Selby, a blog that shows the cool people's houses, famous for its creative profession. The undeniable success of this blog Obeys natural character to our voyeur: we love to gossip the homes of others, especially if they belong to renowned designers, models, designers and socialites stuffed too busy to fill your closet with the latest collections. I particularly love the idea that someone could make a book with a cut and paste its contents have already seen on the internet for free, but that's the stuff!

Fashion blogs


Fashion Blog is a collection of fashion bloggers and photos posted by journalist Kirstin Hanssen and graphic designer Felicia Nitzsche. Paper are collected in thousands of blogs, many of whom will not survive. Interestingly, the book is out of print ... has become a classic?

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