Thursday, October 27, 2011

For all tastes and budgets: 4 types of footwear that will win this season


When we released a new season there are always doubts that assail us at the forefront: What shoe should I buy to wear at all times? The answer always varies stilo give each one takes life and the places you frequent. There are girls who prefer to invest in a high heel while others prefer something more comfortable and flat boots. Today we show the four trends that will shape this fall 2011 with three different versions: high-cost, mid-cost and low-cost. Which do you prefer?

For some years we want to give us a good shoe-shaped fancy but there are years that our current account an echo today we showed you three different versions of each trend. This is certainly one of the three that fit your budget. Ready?

Shining alone

Fashion glitter is the order of the day. There are many firms that point to it and show high heels models with great glitter without falling into absurdity. The firm was started this trend where the Italian Miu Miu boots and peep-toes become a work of art. Topshop wanted to imitate this firm and launched a very similar booty, almost cloned with a much lower price. But if you are of not wanting to spend more than € 80 in Zara find these sandals street stylers and celebrities have already surrendered to them.


Comfortable and divine

For many of us going comfortable is essential. And increasingly, we show that firms going is not synonymous with comfortable little style to go the opposite. All trademarks flat models we have for all who serve us and our feet do not suffer. A shoe that is gaining ground every season are the biker boots. Prada brings us back to present a new model with the sole road, while Mango does the same in brown. If you are the type you want to spend more recently, in H & M will find this model for 40 €.


Last year, slippers broke into our closets and many of you show your displeasure with this type of footwear . Today it is increasingly accepted and gives us a dandy touch our ladylike outfit. If you are the type that you can afford all Charlotte Olympia has launched a cat face model that are divine. Asos find a pattern in red with studs for about 110 €, but Zara find a simpler model for very little. Which do you prefer?


Converse sneakers kind And half the world have fallen in love since its launch. Reversals firms and provide us with exclusive models to go comfortably casual and perfect on your day to day. Giuseppe Zanotti presents us in black and gold accents. If we want to give it a punk to our outfit we can choose Forfex version. But if we want more affordable Bimba & Lola us this clone of Lanvin .


What model do you prefer?

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