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Jaime Mascaro boots and Fall-Winter 2011/2012: Do you dare with the heels?


Jaime Mascaro presents his most wearable collection for the Autumn-Winter 2011/2012. The classic black and brown mixed with bright colors like red, purple or green light given to those dark winter. The wedges are gaining strength this season, presented in innovative and boots boots XXL to share the limelight with high heels, stilettos and design at ground level.



The boots are the type of shoes that I like for comfort. We can combine with skirts and pants, and chewing is proposing various designs of this type. The black model with lace tie is a perfect example of loot that serves both lampshades by day and by night. The lace boots are the most of this season.

40 256-croco-brown-2-pvp-305e.jpg

Lasts with the stylized black and purple as the dominant colors, to suit any type of material and structure: from classic designs before or tights for the ankle, until the original natural python boots, which we shall see, from recorded by fabrics that stand up to the thigh.

40 257-aviator-head-2-pvp-299e.jpg

For the daily Avidor style is perfect. In brown sheepskin and detailed to go well out warm, but without losing an ounce of style with heel and platform.

40 193-satin-2-pvp-199e.jpg

The sharp tip designs have become a hit you can not miss in closets and so, Mascaro shows this winter by moving them to the world of stilettos boots and booties. And is that fashion always comes back.

Angelis-black-40 195-2-pvp-215e.jpg

Original models go hand in hand with the latest materials to create the
most innovative line of boots. Rustic velvets, furs, carved, natural python and hair, combined with external platform on structures that make each design more comfortable and high heels. A wide range of creations for women seeking protection from the cold, but always making a difference.

40 274-allen-2-pvp-379e.jpg

The wedges have become an indispensable element for that prize comfort, but without leaving the design. Mascaro presents this winter in two lines, stylized designs supported platforms and maxi small wedges that rise up to 18 cm on most striking lines and structures. I personally do not like because I see too rough.




Comfort and elegance are the characteristic features of this collection of boots, in which models are inspired by drawings of horse supplements, to make way for abotinados original-style Louis XV. My preferred the brown lace-up and down.

Leather-london-40 254-1-pvp-575e.jpg

And for those who do not want to leave the heel, air-breathing designs vitange where the platforms are hidden, the tips are rounded and the laces make lace.

40 185-Maki-gray-2-pvp-1049e.jpg

The animal print is also transferred to the feet.

Angelis-momos-40 242-2-pvp-429e.jpg

40 186-angelis-noah-2-pvp-385e.jpg

Boots Musketeers

40 185-mat-1-pvp-450e.jpg

Wedges or heels but always in designs that are above the knee. Musketeers are the boots, but infinitely daring and very sexy women. Last season he caught on, so if you have any, rescátalas.

40 260-angelis-noah-1-pvp-519e.jpg

Original lace-front or rear, oily skins, colorful before or
tie die webs alternate in a wide range of boots are ideal for night and day, and become XXL for more women more daring.

40 260-shira-brown-2-pvp-529e.jpg

And the most futuristic-style Lady Gaga, do you dare with them? I tell you no.

Angelis-black-40 261-1-pvp-505e.jpg

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