Friday, October 28, 2011

Mona, fashion and style. A different Halloween with tips from Patricia Field


See in person to Patricia Field is explained a few things of Sex in New York. Professional as the top of a pine, much of the success of the series is due to her personal style is just that, personal. If we did not know and perhaps we saw would define as an elderly woman dressed as a girl, but a young underground. That and no other is the explanation of certain looks of Sarah Jessica Parker in the series that may well be in the gallery of the century kitsch. But it is the Field and no one better than her to give us advice on what to do this Halloween.


Your Patricia Field store in Manhattan is a temple of impossible mixes, a border between chic and kitsch and a place that would step Blair Waldorf or not drunk French champagne. From this place gives its recommendations for Makeup costume and become what for her are the two ideal costume this Halloween: the Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

We lose the recommendations of Patricia Field in this video .

In Jared | Help! I'm paralyzed after seeing the cover of W with Nicki Minaj ) / Patricia Field presents his collection of swimwear coinciding with Fashion Week NY

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