Monday, October 31, 2011

Pretty Ballerinas: the new design to be home and on the street


Pretty Ballerinas has had a great idea this Christmas: a new design for a dancer to be home with comfort and without losing the spirit "Pretty". The model Kim fluffy leopard glitzy leather lining, a name too long to realize really cute models at home to be divine.

A footwear design to be relaxed and charming home when you visit, without losing any style. Mascaro proposes to give them to us at Christmas, a perfect accent for all those women who look like small details. but you know if you like, do not wait until within a month to have them.

It is a flexible dancer, practically without structure, which makes it even more convenient, built on a soft sole that will not scratch the floor and inside with or without lining. A sheepskin lined or leopard print hair are the two options Mascaro at all times to maintain the warmth of our home on the feet.

An original design also can find them in a variety of colors and materials: black, red, purple, carved in warm velvet, suede, satin, plates thick, metallic skin along with hardened and adorned with sparkling rhinestone subtle. Something for everyone!

In Jared | Pretty Ballerinas

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