Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Purification Catalog Garcia Winter Coats 2011/2012 or how to raise and cherish a low cost fashion design


A great maxim of style is: if you want a low cost clothing style or raise their status, pair them with good accessories. We add also, good coats. When the wind rises nothing more appealing than wandering around the catalog Purification Garcia Coats Fall-Winter 2011/2012. So we entertain body and soul, and our low cost fashion design.



We are passionate about the snow or not, I like to show off your ski overall Juicy Couture or not, you go up the sport or not, the trend alpine skiing chic takes several seasons of fashion. Trends and options are many and Purification Garcia has chosen the skin showing us around, a rustic hue and a hippy.

We are mods


Between and the airman mod mid-century, the mountains or the city will be the perfect setting for this parka reminiscent Quadrophenia but also to Pearl Harbour. Why not do as Dolce Gabbana and accompanied by a sequined leggings?


We continue to face, the skin around the details of hair and chocolate brown of the wood from Wyoming. An article taken from the hermits who live in the mountains of Utah and that we may want to look like, even with a skirt of lace and jersey of eight do not you think?

Rock Star


The stars of yesteryear rok not walked with little girls and it looked beautiful hair coats and pompous, from Jim Morrison to Nico. If you want to emulate her look, nothing better than a coat like this.


Is it classical or is it more? It is best, unless eco conscience not let us.



Louis Vuitton and all spoke muted. The dominatrix look is gaining ground on frills and ñoñeces other seasons, and reminds us more masculine Marlene Dietrich and Helmut Newton more excessive. Lowered slightly its transgressive nature by a coat like this.



We want to be Oliver Twist and a coat like this allows us.


We want to be too feminine, and hair and apply a more flattering cut makes the tweed in very girly. And I still think of sequin leggings or Dolce Gabbana sequined dresses Balmain. Although what better handle your clone ! Styling for the weekend ready.



Take me to the past and not let me go.

In Jared | Purificacion Garcia Autumn-Winter 2011/2012 with Russian Red , Purification Garcia Winter 2011/2012: a mix of trends

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