Thursday, October 27, 2011

Questions of the Week: What has been your favorite capsule collection for H & M? Do you like H & M collaboration with Versace?

Jared replies

We know the entire Versace collection that we will see in stores H & M, and the questions of the week are referred to this issue.

Do you like this new collaboration with Versace as well as other times? What has been your favorite collection for H & M to date?

Recall that by the Swedish chain designs have been Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel and Lanvin, among others. We appreciate your opinion on Jared contéis Answers.

In my case, I was late to find any clothes for the launch of Viktor & Rolf and prior, the Jimmy Choo experienced it as a mere spectator to see what was the opening of the store and if you really crazy to buy anything was authentic. And it was. The case was to catch anything, but did not like or were too expensive, what made Ebay in the days after the complete collection was sold at twice the price.

And I think now people live more rationally. I bought the collection of Sonia Rykiel the day before its official opening and some clothes Lanvin collection lasted a month in stores. Tell us your impression of this collection and on previous answers Jared . We also know your stories about these capsule collections.

Last week the question of the week was also about a controversial topic that always gives to talk about:

What do you think the U.S. prohibition of using Photoshop in magazines?

Your answers have been very successful. It is true that there is no problem in using Photoshop for some tweaks that improve picture quality but obsessed with women as perfect as Photoshop creates the missing can be frustrating as noted Piamarket :

For it is a very controversial issue and there are many opinions, I believe has been abused a lot of something that should be a help to retouch flaws, for example the announcement of Julia Roberts for Lancome seems totally out of place, as a woman of 44 will have skin that is not a twenty. I think they should use responsibly, but if it has and what is sold is a fake and many people are frustrated by these ideals of beauty, that's fine!

Irene says that Photoshop creates perfection is impossible, has abused both use that we no longer believe anything you see on the covers. A very complete answer:

While I do not think sweeping ban of using photoshop, because as stated above, is useful for retouching color, leftovers, etc.. What if I'm totally against its use is to create men / women ultraperfectos see removing years, thinning, stretching necks, and so on. We are reaching a point where the ads make us think, "Look, this is how it should be, hiperperfecta, no stains, no trace of cellulite, immaculate porcelain skin, extreme thinness" and ... is that we do not believe that anyone . Then is when among younger women (and some not so young) are created obsessions, and so on. chasing an impossible to achieve aesthetic perfection.

In Jared Answers | What has been your favorite capsule collection for H & M? Do you like H & M collaboration with Versace?

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