Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Street Style: transparencies

street style:transparencias The transparencies are fashionable in the street style! Especially is the Zara catalog fall winter 2011 2012 the most garments are brought to market transparency.
In our tour of the fall street style we have seen that many bloggers are pointing to the trend and transparencies look graceful skirts and shirts, and even street style for now I have not seen much in the street!

Winter is coming and coming ... transparency is certainly convenient, but on the other hand, is well combined and very stylish! Want to see the best street style with transparency?

Street style: transparencies

street style:transparencias Of course one of the bloggers for excellence shows several outfits with transparency in
street style:transparencias On the Spanish side of the street style, Angela (from Madame Rosa ) has pointed to the fashion of the transparent skirt with openings of Zara, which is an IT among bloggers! What do you think?
street style:transparencias The Galician Carla, the blog the fashion trough my eyes dare to combine two transparent garments, and with very good result!;)
street style:transparencias

Finally, demure versions of carrying transparencies, and one of them is with shirts with prints, like this Lovely Pepa .

What do you think the trend of transparency in the street style?

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