Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Christmas looks like a new clone of the Ring 'Arty' YSL

Years pass and I'm still committed to the Arty ring of YSL ! I love it. And yes, I know it takes all the world and blah, blah, blah, but still I keep noticing every day in the hands of bloggers and my peers envy when I see what looks like some of them quite naturally. I like his However, even if I choose I'll take the model that has the oval stone. That's why I overheated when I see low-cost firms draw their own version ...

If less than a year ago we showed you as Bimba & Lola pulled a cloned version of the most wonderful for about 25 €, now our joy to be improved. And is that White has thrown in red for less than 6 €. Experience the world's low-cost! Experience the inspiration!


I just hope that in situ the ring has so good looking like the picture ...

Photo | Scrapbook Style
In Jared | Ring 'Arty' of YSL Already has a clone!

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