Sunday, October 30, 2011

Transparencies yes or no?

transparencias ¿si o no? What do you say to the slides or not? The catalog fall winter 2011 2012 Zara was one of the most fashionable proposed this trend is now complete!

This season you will see a lot of overhead especially in shirts and skirts, a trend that looks great on fashion blogs on the runway but ... and on the street? A priori I like transparency, but in a subtle and careful because it can be more than enough!

The fashion brands are including in their growing collections more clothes with transparency, but do not really know if it will be much in the street. Want to see my selection of clothes with transparency?

Transparencies yes or no?

transparencias ¿si o no? Among the firms most fashionable clothes you are getting with transparency are the blouses, skirts and dresses.
transparencias ¿si o no? Lace fabrics are mostly transparent ... you decide if you put something underneath it or not!
transparencias ¿si o no? If we had not yet clear, the IT girl Olivia Palermo appeared in this fashion at the Paris Fashion Week.
transparencias ¿si o no? One of the ways that are also appearing much transparency is leopard-print fabrics, or Python , a little more sneaky.
transparencias ¿si o no? Meanwhile, following this trend, Zara has created this skirt with Transparencies openings and is becoming a plague among fashion bloggers.
transparencias ¿si o no?

One of the bloggers who has opted for transparency is bartabac !

You decide! transparencies yes or no?

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