Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Versace for H & M accessories and home collection


It is less, the calendar has a red day in November and not that of any holiday, but the launch of Versace collection for H & M. We have seen the campaign , which seems to have loved you, we have seen the clothes , which caused a diversity of opinion and between them, seems to have been more unanimous in praising the supplements. Let us see then what are the odds of Versace H & M in handbags, accessories and decor.

Gianni, always with me


Some you have not lived, others may be very small and others aware. Gianni Versace's death shocked the fashion in his day, shone like never before with its top models, incredible campaigns and proposals for women not simple. Now these proposals back the hands of Donatella ...


... Who allows us to Gianni and always with us, on our shoulder, and hung their excessive patterns, their gold, their chains and jellyfish.

As she said

The collection for H & M is pure essence Versace. Through this collaboration we have rescued from the archives and recent collections some of the most iconic designs of Versace: lush grounds, a Greek touch daring cuts. I can not wait to see how the wide audience of H & M endorses this bill. "


Do we make our own? Bags have already pointed out as the best of his collection and what might cause more sighs and careers. Ideal proposals for minibag with tacks, chains and this touch between Miami and Paris Hilton as I have always said, take it or leave it. Versace Versace is for lovers.


Whether or not one of their best ideas, black tube dress included?


Bubblegum pink, pink Paris and Britney and patent leather brightness of stars. I stay with the same proposal more austere black but for taste, colors and in this case pink.

Looking after you


Each collaboration H & M with a great designer is an effect that does not matter about sales, advertising eco is so great that it is not important whether or not it clothes on their hangers. What about accessories? What do you think these earrings from ruffles, folk and Versace?

Attached you


What characterizes them in the 90's what we bring. Studs and gold everywhere, lots of gold. It remains to see, touch, smell. We imagine that nothing will be synthetic in this collection with prices up to 200 euros. Or imagine that's a lot?

A house


And for lovers of decoration, rare is he who loves does not love fashion decoration, a proposal that is of my favorites. His prints and satins for bed linen, cushion ...


And a quilt that transports us to the empire of the rising sun with its colors, its flowers, its silk road. What do you want more, her clothes, accessories, both?

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Photo | Lorens world

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