Thursday, October 27, 2011

Viceroy bloggers Snack: tells time in style


Viceroy wanted to show their latest designs in watches and accessories. And he did it with a snack Mom bloggers in Framboise, a cozy French boulangerie Madrid, surrounded by a vintage transmitting enviable charm from the moment you entered.


Best of all were the watch collection, at least in my opinion. Ceramic line is composed of very feminine and appealing timepieces. My favorite black you can wear this during the day and night. Pink Bronze think he brings a sophisticated touch.

47 608-991.jpg

The line of Fernando Alonso now has a great novelty: models for women, but faithful to the sporty design. This white model is one of the designs that I like. Large, very attractive and somewhat masculine, which is the new trend. A modern urban style.

47 626-95_viceroy.jpg

And the Rebel line is younger, with original designs. The white color is setting trends, even in winter. I continue to be more supportive of this shade in summer.


We could also enjoy the different collections of jewelry. From the most sophisticated pendants and rings are ideal to wear on special occasions, to hippies bracelets, carved in leather for everyday wear.


Official Website | Viceroy
In Jared | Pilar Rubio image repeated as Viceroy and launches blog

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