Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winter caught us by surprise: choose your coat


Winter has come suddenly. With little Autumn, cold has caught us by surprise and without a coat! Well, sure we wrap but we are not aware of new trends and colors of this season 2011/2012.

Cloth coats


The most serious and classic coats are cloth and dark tones. Let's say the usual, those who never go out of style, which combined with all ... are elegant and refined, but do not you think that a little boring? So this year bet on the color, there are many different forms and models, as you can see in the image that opens this post Stradivarius.


Of course, I recommend you always dark because you may have a lead you out of many troubles. The female models are carved or knotted at the waist with a belt. And the most flattering are long and the knee. You can wear them with your style of work and also at night. We carry much game.


The fabric is a classic pin to wear during the day. It's ideal for work.


Light colors, especially in off-white, are very flattering because they give a light touch to your look, ideal to combine with the dark winter clothing. This coat of Pedro del Hierro is a perfect example of style. The wide lapels give a very stylish formal touch.

Wool Coats


One of the big news this season is the tendency of wool coats or point. They are ideal to wear now that temperatures are below freezing. And they're easy to combine with any outfit. Looks great with jeans. Sisley propne us this black design with a kind of fringe skirt way I like it.


However, this model seems lovely in navy blue three-button Pedro del Hierro, which is a mixture between layer and coat.

Military-style coats


The military style remains a trendsetter. For several seasons the military coats succeed, and this winter too. But they come in bright colors and flashy. One of the distinctive details of these models are the multitude of buttons. In Mango have a great variety of this type.


Oversize coats


Nothing oversize coats are flattering. I do not end up convincing, but firms and shops are determined to include in their collections. As best left are the pants because of this kind usually are short coats. If you wear a skirt or baggy pants will become more chubby. In Zara you have several options in this court.


Coats minimalist


Truly masculine air are minimalist designs. Zara is flooded. I particularly do not like, are too sober, awkward and cold.

Coats bold


The leopard print we have it "up in the soup", so you can not miss on a coat. Mango hair of this model suitable only for the daring. If you choose this design combine with smooth, simple look, all black is the best option.

Fur Coats


Faux Fur Coats are another basic, as you can combine with any style. In black better, as this is not the quality of the skin is not quality. And so we work with the animal environment.

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