Thursday, November 24, 2011

Do you want to enter into the sequins this Christmas?, The question of the week


We have begun our special Christmas 2011 and one of the star of this year's trends are the sequins. We see them in dresses, tops, skirts and even pants. The stores are flooded with paillettes, so we want to know if you're going to target this fashion or styling you prefer another less striking and less glossy.

¿ you join the sequins for the holidays?

Zara , Stradivarius , Primark ... bet on it.

Remember that the comments are not in this post but Jared Responses . We hope your opinions!

Questions from last week

Are you going tomorrow to the launch of Versace for H & M?, What do you buy?, What your experience in this type of collaboration? Is it worth paying too much for a low-cost piece labeled signature?

Luludeangora quite clear:

No. It's like "I want and I can not" I will not pay 130 euros for a jacket with Versace signature sad quality tissues with H & M. When you can have a Chanel Chanel meantime I have replicas Chanel and attempts are not going.

Arantxa White gives us his particular opinion:

I do not like this collection. In fact, every time I see seems more bland, and bland things not seem garrulity. In fact, the clothes with colorful prints (at Prince of Bel Air, as they say up here) seem totally out of place ... these prints in December? Really? There are metallic colored dresses that seem taken from the Chinese quarter, and we seem to forget that quality is still H & M, and this collection seems the most excessive in relation to prices. Let's see if now we have to go all like crazy just because it's Versace. Honestly, if I do not like, I like, and this collaboration is not like me NOTHING .

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