Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fashion and Blogs 80: inspiration from the street

inspired look

A click of a mouse we change from one blog to another, and so we take the pulse of the street, what leads to what we like, what is not, and what will be an obscure object of desire to add to our letter to Santa Claus. Since we can not imagine how our leisure and our concept of fashion AB (before blogs). And on Wednesdays it's time to take a trip down our favorites.

First a look which, as said the Mouse, vain, inspires and has among its favorite phone. It just reminds you that a well ironed shirt, a good manicure and a hair in place is sufficient. Sometimes it takes more complicated.

Internet, fashion forums and blogs have allowed us to fashion images flood our computers and our retinas. We know what we like and what does not. And the coats of the clothes are not lacking in our closet, but just are not the most practical , and reflect on Share my style.


We also know that feather skirts succeed this holiday to dress at night. They take two years to be trend and what you rondaré brunette. On the street, in shops and among the famous , we remain committed to them. Carmeron of The Devil Wears Zara knows well.

feather skirt streetstyle

The lists of what goes and what goes down is a classic fashion. E-coolsystem proposed trends in and out for the magazine Vanity. In October, wins the python, the stars, the moon, hats, Antonio Navas and vodka bar. Good selection.

And if you're already thinking about Christmas gifts, take note. Friendship bracelets of our childhood back in force between the voguettes . The more you take, the better, so if you want a little thing with your friends, do not hesitate. Scholar says Fashion.

brazalets friendship

But if you want to hit safe, gives a clock . Make up the male, with leather strap, or gold, your choice. Do not leave without telling the time. Cristina Piña prepares us a selection of stylish timepieces.

man watches

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