Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The fashion book of the week: The Wedding Dress: 300 Years of Bridal Fashion


The fashion book this week is an ideal example for all those who are about to marry and / or choosing wedding dress, but also for the rest of us who enjoy the bridal fashion, especially with the origins of it.

This luxurious book is based on the wedding dresses from the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum of London: photographs, letters, memoirs, newspaper reports and many hours of research to explore the history of the wedding dress and traditions that have developed since 1700 to present. The essay focuses on the white wedding dress, which became fashionable in the century XIX and is used today by women around the world. Also analyze how designers and designers have updated the traditional white dress and the influence of the industry. The wedding dress is not just a suit, but a statement of principles about the way you understand this ceremony. In this link you can see some pages of the book.

Notes about the author

Edwina Ehrman is curator of Textile and Fashion at the Victoria & Albert Museum and curator of the exhibition, the wedding dress: 300 years of bridal fashion. He also co-authored The London Look: fashion from street to catwalk (2004), The Englishness of Español Dress (2002), Painting the Victorian Age (2006) and Painter of Moonlight (2011).

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