Friday, November 25, 2011

Fashion Christmas Party 2011: 20 short dresses to long nights

Mango dress party

Yes, yes, the holidays are here. Within all the lights lit in the streets, and when you least expect it'll be toasting with champagne and trying to pick up your cute little compilation work. So, think no more, you need a party dress now! In this post we give no less than 20 ideas for short dresses for party nights. You just have to choose the one that best matches your style.

Short dresses on Mango

A Isabeli Fontana we have seen that looks good, and surely you too. We suggest this black dress with slides and moon, much to the style of Stella McCartney who have worn and famous. Need more ideas for Mango ? Lace, sequins, metallic. Do not discard however repetitive they are.

handle short dresses party

Zara Short Dresses

In Zara prefer the classics: long black dress, lots of sequins ...

2011 party short dresses zara

But you can uncheck this floral dress, shorter in front than behind, or the curved silhouette dress.

evening dress zara flowers

Short dresses of the Tele's Closet

This Christmas we can use for shopping online. In the Tele's Closet we make it easy and cheap (20-30 euros you can do with these dresses Art Nouveau years we anticipate that both will be 20 in 2012). So you can say I already premiered the year with the latest trend.

short dresses party on the TV cabinet

Short dresses in Topshop

The English originals like to go through life. Aim black dresses with a touch of color in the shoulders, leather or with details in relief.

party short dresses topshop

Short dresses at H & M

If you are looking color (pink, purple, champagne ...) I find H & M . The fringes of her dress in the middle are very charleston.

short dresses H & M party

Short dresses on Asos

Asos wants to celebrate the festivities marking figure. Bodycon dresses in black or in color, but very tight, come on, designed to not go overboard with the shortbread. Attention to the cuts and stones, may be the final detail that will make your dress a vestidazo.

party short dresses asos

Hoss Intropia short dresses

If you are a romantic, short dress for your party at Hoss Intropia: nude, chiffon, ruffles, velvet applications ... you will succeed these nights so full of magic.

Hoss Intropia party short dresses

And we have already reached the 20 dresses, so have you chosen yours?

Photo Gallery

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intropia.jpg hoss short dresses

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