Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fashion Christmas Party 2011: my kitten not without heels, party shoes 20 "comfortable"


When parties reach a smoothed body and soul to be the prettiest of the night. But every party there is a spoiler that comes in and ruins the fun. On Christmas Eve and on occasions this spoiler is not a person but a complement: the shoes. High heels, spiky stilettos fine knife which literally kill us and let us enjoy. Scream enough! Comfortable shoes are there to party?



It's not that go with heels means is prohibited or ruin the night, but you need to choose well. To do this it is best to get a good platform and heel width. That will allow you to get on the heights. With strass Zara.


With sequins and a platform that lets you dance all night with their high heels, from Asos.


Same philosophy, same comfort. Zara again, this time black and strass.


Fancy a wedge? Grab this in Blanco.

Medium heel


It seemed that the patent was outmoded but on these occasions is the best time to bring it out again, but in light of outbreaks of a disk. East of Zara.


Not just black lives the party, especially this winter. Bershka rooms offers us a most stylish and comfy.


Zara again, with a model in contrasting fabrics.


Bershka and black sequins are one of the best options, and certainly the cheapest.



Because red is the color of Christmas, Santa Claus and the latest trend, and will continue in the summer. An ideal shoe for the holidays you can take in the summer, White.


A darker shade, a burgundy and abotinados for more elegant occasions such as Christmas Eve dinner or company, Andrea Milian.


Again, red, new clone, not that low cost firms will cut a hair shamelessly copied. Bershka.


And for those who like the retro style and run away from the sequins, H & M.



Near the ground, but very very smart ... Zara


The glitter is the material of this Christmas, you're in Zara, as the following dancers brighter than gold.



Why not some oxford to break the tradition of these nights? Why not a silver tuxedo with English shoes? Zara will be yours for little.


And these dancers find silver white and camel.

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