Monday, November 28, 2011

Galliano in Madrid, and I with this hair!


In yesterday afternoon social networks were a buzz unusual for a dull Sunday afternoon without rebates or imminent general election: the cause of all this nervousness is John Galliano, and if anyone remember still ( LVMH has moved on quickly) has been the creative director of Dior for 14 years. The actor Paco Leon issued yesterday on his Twitter @ pacoleonbarrios this image that appears with John Galliano at the Rastro in Madrid, particularly in the store Brocanterie. The well-known fashion blogger China Lucio gave the blow, but ... what Galliano was in Madrid? Business or pleasure? A holiday or work?

Galliano, creative director


There are several firms with problems: El Delgado Buil close your business due to lack of funding. Amaya Arzuaga closes factory in Burgos and changes his luxurious shop Lagasca corner to another area with lower rents. Not to mention the recent falls in the calendar of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week: Alma Aguilar , Lydia Delgado and Josep Font can not return to parade, and Adolfo Dominguez , who had returned for several seasons, is released to the Big Apple New York, concentrating efforts on their American adventure ... Without a doubt, the talent of John could turn into the red standard of all these brands. What would you like to see Spanish brand?

Galliano, Minister


Coinciding with Rajoy's victory at the polls, how about a ministry for Galliano? There will be voices that say that is not the oven for rolls, but ... and what a style advice? A consultancy to design and build bridges, highways and airports? Fashion changes, but the infrastructure remains, and if now in Madrid have a viaduct work of the father of Ana Torroja, why not a Galliano Park?

Galliano, new kid on Almodóvar


In the afternoon he was seen with Pedro Almodovar at the Hotel Palace. Peter is always looking for new faces, which need not necessarily be young and / or unknown .. even the story of Juan Carlos Antonio can be told in a film passed through the sieve almodovariano ... Who gives more?

Galliano, holiday


Or simply, Galliano, holiday relaxed and without pressure to design new collections. With a very physically recovered from his last public appearance, the designer who revived the machinery of Dior still have much to say.

In Jared! Dior DG (After Galliano)
In Jared! Rumore rumore

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