Sunday, November 27, 2011

H & M lingerie collection Christmas 2011: Fashion is not seen (but I like them all)


The lingerie is a very important section in the outfit of a woman. Although not visible. Why go pretty 'inside' it shows. So the Swedish company H & M offers a collection of Christmas filled with lace, lace and ideal models for the holidays. And the best? To the best price. Because look to find sets of underwear and cheap monkeys is difficult. An almost impossible task ...

Bianca Balti and Heather Marks is responsible for submitting two tops this collection so special and sexy. And what two models. Can be more beautiful and spectacular? Sure, I saw this picture I want to buy everything. Although I do not feel even half as well.


The Basics

There are girls / women who do not like going to set bold or printed, but not want to give him sexy. The chain of low-cost clothes thinks of them and presents simple models of a single color with lace, lace or patterned to suit the tastes of all.


In bicolor

The pink or nude black fuse with sexy to create sets for special nights. At the moment we do not see the mythical red for the last night of the year (where all wishes are granted), but time to time ...


The final fireworks

And to finish a garment not as usual: the body. Many times it is comfortable but horrible design. Until now. Because it is also comfortable and nice as possible.


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