Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lady in Red, Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair in January


Is it, again and red. While we cover evokes the Lady in Red Chris de Burgh, the Gaga style is not so melodic, so retro and so romantic. And neither is its cover, which shows once again that she is pure artifice.

When we talk about Lady Gaga , Lady prim that has little, we always talk about a character who is more important what you put him showing his face. And with the Mad Hatter hat from Alice ia haughty looks at us from the cover of Vanity Fair January.

She is so divine as to design gift items and leave the fifth floor of Barneys whole piece for such necessary, with the taste has always been spent Barneys, where he displays and sells. Another excuse to visit the Big Apple at this time ... or rather the opposite?

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