Monday, November 28, 2011

Mise clone Dior necklace

clon del collar mise de dior We Mise clone Dior necklace! Here we offer in the premiere presentation of the campaign Dior pinball that featured the new Joja Dior, this fabulous necklace of pearls!

What it says Dior goes to church! thus reattach pearls and strong to give your looks a chic lady air ;) . I love it! The treasure in question is around $ 3200, so most will stay fahion Victims disappointed.

Well I have the solution! It is clearly not the same, but I have searched a clone (of the first that have watchful eye), which in my opinion it is worth ;) . Here is the clone Mise Dior necklace!

Mise clone Dior necklace

clon del collar mise de dior In the blog Atlantic-Pacific have seen hundreds of times this pearl necklace model, which incidentally is an old model of Banana Republic, but it has come round because it is extremely similar to Dior.
clon del collar mise de dior

This is one of the original models Mise of Dior. No comments. clon del collar mise de dior Well, this is the version clone, I have to say that the model does not look good at all.
clon del collar mise de dior

Here's the clone detail. Asos is and you have it for 32.61 euros, but it gives me that with the success he is reaping the Dior model will come out more! ;)clon del collar mise de dior

Stop by the jewelery Asos autumn 2011 because the truth is that it has something precious and worthwhile!

What do you think the clone Mise Dior necklace?

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